Monday, March 9, 2009

First post!

Okay, so here goes my first update:

School is going swimmingly; I'm having a great time in Ecology and Writing in the Natural World, especially. Maybe eventually I'll get around to posting some of my niftier writing pieces. My solar car for Physics II lab won first place (i.e. I am an excellent miniature car mechanic).

Graduate school applications are also going well: I got into TCU today with a recommendation for a TA-ship (pending funding), and I have two interviews coming up within the week. Looks like I have a future, after all :)

The hunt for a summer job is also going alright (so far). I've applied for five places so far (Shenandoah salamanders, Idaho streams, New York small mammals, Maryland data processing, and North Carolina environmental education) and plan to apply for more. The only one that's out of the running is the Maryland data processing, really intended as an REU (research experience for undergraduates) that I am mostly ineligible for. Still, I've got a tailwind for a little while, I think.

Hope you all like the new blog!

Mood: accomplished